Alliance program

As an independent developer, you want to provide quality sites and superior service. You know that Drupal is a great fit for your clients but sometimes it would be easier if you had some expert advice and access to a PHP programmer. After launch, you want to be able to take a break and give you customers access to ongoing support.

You'll get everything you need to run your Drupal business. With this package, you not only get support from Advantage Labs.

For Twin Cities Alliance members, Lab Hours are a valuable way to dedicate time to web work. For up to 8 hours per month, do your work in the sunlit art gallery at our ArtsHub office space. Eliminate roadblocks by asking questions when you need to, or help others and realize that you know much more than you thought!
Lab hours
Project management
Drupal support and consulting
stable environment with version control and continuous service with a quality hosting package.
Managed Drupal Hosting

$150 per month includes:

  • Free hosting for your site and all of your personal projects
  • Up to 8 hours per month of collaboration and support at Lab Hours
  • 2 hours per month of consulting and support from Drupal experts
  • Free access to customer-only workshops and training events
  • Discounts on training classes

Alliance members receive a credit of $10/month for each customer that hosts with Advantage Labs.