Drupal strategy and support

You have an unprecedented level of control over how you present yourself online. Our comprehensive programs show you how to use technology to support your goals without getting bogged down by the technology itself.

Managing a Drupal site is not about managing software. It's about using software that empowers your team to put your voice online.

Our Catalyst and Pathfinder programs keep your entire team on the right track through a process of ongoing planning and accountability. You get up to 10 hours of face time with experienced Drupal experts per month at the lowest possible cost. We provide ongoing advice and support, and back it all with integrated tools for project management, powerful hosting, and regular check-ins with a real human being.

Align your resources with your goals
We meet with project stakeholders to guide a process of identifying organizational goals, mapping them to quarterly objectives and identifying the resources you need to make those objectives happen. This is documented in a team charter and sets the course for your short-term planning.
Team Charter
Accountability means progress
Every task is documented in a project management system where it can be prioritized, assigned, added to the roadmap, and closed successfully.
Project management
Measure results
One person from your organization will function as our Drupal point of contact, and will participate in a process of ongoing check-in meetings. This ensures that everything is on target for your charter objectives, and we can identify work sessions, training, or consulting hours that will help the team stay on track.
Check-in meetings
Work on your own site while sharing with others
Lab Hours are a valuable way to dedicate time to web work. For up to 8 hours per month, do your work in the sunlit art gallery at our ArtsHub office space, or online via Google Hangouts. Eliminate roadblocks by asking questions when you need to, or help others and realize that you know much more than you thought!
Lab hours
Get the help you need - when you need it
We include consulting time so that you can ask for help without feeling like the meter is running. Ask us questions, set up work sessions, or task us with some module development and technical heavy-lifting. If you need more time than what's included, we'll be there for you.
Drupal support and consulting
Stay online, stay focused
We provide a Drupal-optimized hosting environment leveraging current best practices. You're not required to host with us and there's never any lock-in, but hosting with us saves time and resources for everyone so it's included free.
Managed Drupal Hosting


Catalyst program

$300 per month includes:

  • Quarterly strategy meeting with your team implementors and stakeholders
  • Monthly check-in meeting
  • Managed Drupal Hosting
  • 4 hours of support and consulting hours per quarter, for anything you need
  • 8 hours of participation at Lab Hours
  • Free access to customer-only workshops and training events
  • Discounts on training classes
  • A complete suite of tools for project management and accountability, wireframing and mockups, version control and communication

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Pathfinder program

$100 per month includes:

  • Annual strategy meeting with your team implementors and stakeholders
  • Quarterly check-in meeting
  • Managed Drupal Hosting
  • 2 hours of support and consulting hours per quarter
  • Participation in one Lab Hours session per month
  • A complete suite of tools for project management and accountability, wireframing and mockups, version control and communication

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Additional support and consulting is $125 per hour, at your approval

## Save money on outsourcing We help you identify your strengths and resources, and we will help you understand what you can do on your own and what you should pay for.

Provide staff continuity

You won't miss a beat when new staff comes on board: we will be ready with a clear picture of the past and a roadmap for the future.

Spend time wisely to further your mission

We will help you prioritize features by attaching them to your goals through a process that includes your stakeholders and your technical team.

All in one place

We're your go-to web vendor for technical and hosting questions, strategic planning, and day-to-day Drupal training and support.