Drupal training

You're probably interested in learning Drupal because you want to use it to accomplish real-world tasks. We get that, so we provide a range of offerings that eliminate roadblocks and let you learn in a way that suits your needs.

The best of both worlds: Acquia resources and the Advantage Labs team.

Learn at your own pace with hands-on video training and expert support.

Training will help you take control of your own website and it will help you communicate and plan effectively with your team and your vendors. It's about saving money, but more importantly it's about making progress.

Everyone has a different way of absorbing information, and the best way to retain what you learn is to apply it to your own needs. In addition to multi-day classes, Advantage Labs offers short workshops, mentored video workshops and practical, hands-on work sessions during Lab Hours.

We partner with content providers when we can, and we develop our own curriculum when it makes sense. We also work to guarantee that you'll always have access to free training and support resources by sponsoring the Twin Cities Drupal community.