Video workshop

Mentored training is a radical departure from traditional workshops. There's no lecture time, and you will spend your day building an example site by following videos at your own pace. Experienced mentors are just a shout away, ready to answer your questions, work through sticky spots, or to help clarify new concepts.

Unlike traditional workshops where lectures take up the majority of the time, at our video workshop you will work at your own pace through a set of comprehensive Drupal training videos via our friend and colleague Chris Shattuck's excellent Drupal video training website. Because you control the videos, you can work at your own speed, pausing where your need to, replaying material you don't get the first time around, or skipping material you're already familiar with. And instead of lecturing, the trainers will be free 100% of the time to help you through your questions and point you in the right direction.

What you need to participate

First and foremost, you will need a laptop and a set of comfortable earbuds or headphones. If you're easily distracted by noise, you might want a set that blocks out some sound, just in case there is a bit of discussion around you. Keep in mind that you will be watching sets of videos, and then applying what you learn throughout the day. You can also bring an iPad or tablet device to play the videos on while you follow along by completing the exercises on your laptop.

About Build A

Build a is an extensive and ever-growing library of video tutorials for Drupal. It covers a broad range of topics aimed at both "site builders" (no coding) and developers. As the name suggests, the site began with a strong focus on PHP developers who needed to learn how to develop on top of Drupal. Over time, as there were more and more requests for more basic, non-coding tutorials, videos were added to allow a non-developer to build a fully functioning Drupal site from start to finish.

If you enjoy the mentored training workshop and would like to continue learning at home, we encourage you to order a subscription from Build a

Mentored video workshops are included free for all Catalyst and Alliance customers. We schedule a workshop session every few months, and provide access to the Build A Module content during Lab Hours.

We also support video workshops at public events, including the Twin Cities DrupalCamp and at the North America and European DrupalCons.