Building community

When we come together in Copenhagen in a few weeks for Drupalcon, we're doing an amazing thing. The Drupal community is gathering to share knowledge, experience and ideas to build our skills and advance the Drupal project. On our local level this is something we need to do every day.

I had submitted a proposal for a DrupalconCPH session to share the strategies we use at Advantage Labs for igniting and sustaining robust communities of Drupal developers and users. While the session proposal did not make the final cut for the official program, we still feel that this is a vital topic worthy of discussion at Drupalcon. We have much to share and are interested in developing improved strategies we can all use based on ideas we discuss together.

As a Drupal company, Advantage Labs is building on a thriving local Drupal community of interest to create a Drupal-focused community of practice which increases skill-building, business growth and contributions to the Drupal community. We find this crucial to our business, the local Drupal community and the Drupal project as a whole.

So, I'm planning on scheduling the Developing a Drupal Community of Practice session for the Unconference and/or the BoF side conference. I'll post details as soon as the Unconference and BoF schedules are open. You can read the original session here.

To complement this community of practice discussion, I'm quite interested in helping organize a track of BoF sessions to explore Drupal training strategies and techniques. There are only two sessions related to this in the conference proper which underlines the need for us to utilize the BoF structure to make sure we address this vital aspect of sustaining Drupal.

We had some wonderful BoF gatherings on this in San Francisco. It would be great to build on the momentum generated during these sessions which has already has catalyzed the creation of the Drupal Learning Group. Check out this growing project in the Open Curriculum section of the g.d.o Curriculum and Training Group:

Let me know what you think. Are you up for organizing a BoF session on a particular aspect of Drupal training, curriculum development, community development?

Let me know directly or add your voice to the Curriculum and Training group. Let's outline our ideas and be ready to get prime slots and space on the BoF board in Copenhagen.


We provide training for every learning style so that you can accomplish real-world tasks.

It's nice to have a helping hand once in awhile. Each week, we make space available for you to bring your laptop in and work on your project. If you need help, we're around for questions, and so are the other lab hours participants.