Kickstarter functionality in Drupal

Drupal's Payment API module is a simple, flexible and pluggable payment transaction handler for Drupal. Advantage Labs has recently extended the functionality of the Payment API to build a crowdsource pledge-funding feature using contributed Drupal modules.

The combination of the Payment API and Donate modules give you what you need to build single-click payment forms that can stand alone or be attached to Drupal content creating cartless-commerce features. Recently launched using the same tools, the Cedar Seeder project adds Kickstarter-like functionality to this mix displaying the greater potential for conducting creative fundraising initiatives using Drupal tools.

On Monday May 9th at 1:30 PM ET, I'll be hosting a Drupal Dojo session to walk through the modules and functionality used in building the Cedar Seeder project. I'll also talk about the goals for future development, community uses for the tools involved and strategy concerns related to crowdsource funding.

Join me and the fine folks at Drupal Dojo on Monday. Register to attend here:

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