Thanks for an Awesome DrupalCamp!

I am so proud of the Twin Cities Drupal community for pulling off another fantastic DrupalCamp. People traveled from all over to participate in four days of non-stop Drupal learning, sprinting, sharing; and of course - a really great time.

We trained almost 100 people for free

Last year, Chapter Three provided free introductory training to 75 people at their Drupal in a Day training course. This year, Chapter Three came back to build on those fundamentals by offering more advanced training on development best practices. Meanwhile, the crew here at Advantage Labs helped new Drupalistas supporting a mentored training workshop using Chris Shattuck's excellent Build a Module video content.

It's great to see the community grow in a way that creates a high demand for both introductory and advanced learning opportunities. And it's even better to meet that demand by providing excellent resources for free. Both rooms were packed, and both sessions were very well received. Thank you Jen Lampton, Joe Shindelar, David Needham, and all of the mentors who volunteered for both sessions.

We had a great lineup of sessions

A good camp provides access to some of the same content you'd find at an international conference when prominent Drupal developers travel to camps to participate in training events and code sprints. This camp was no exception, and we were lucky to have presentations from David Needham, Tim Plunkett, Nathan Haug, benjamin melançon, Larry Garfield, Steve Persch, Kevin Kaland, Jen Lampton, Dave Reid, and Fredric Mitchell. We also had inspirational keynotes from Emma Jane Hogbin and Jen Lampton.

But DrupalCamps are so much more than "DrupalCon lite". You also get access presentations from people who can't make the trip to DrupalCon, speakers who've never given a talk but have a fresh perspective, and information about locally-relevant projects that you wouldn't find at a big Drupal conference.

All together, the mix of seasoned experts and new voices made our camp sessions pretty outstanding. Thanks to everyone who traveled here, and thanks to everyone who makes the Twin Cities a great place to live.

Our party rocked!

It's a little shameless to toot our own horn, but the team here at Advantage Labs really wanted to show everyone a great time. We were excited have access to our new space at ArtsHub to accommodate a fun party because it's such a great space to accommodate multiple activities without making it too loud to enjoy a thoughtful conversation. Jer manned the bar with wine and a bevy of local brews, and the Fork in the Road Food Truck was a hit. And of course I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout out to our own DJ Bmad for putting together some great tunes.

Last year's lightning talks were well received, so this year we used Intermedia Arts' auditorium space to do it again. People presented short talks of local and "big Drupal" relevance, and the crowd was super-engaged. All together, we had a great time learning, networking and partying.

The code sprint was amazing

The Nerdery generously offered their amazing office space for code sprints, and people traveled from all over to lead a variety of initiatives. Dave Reid headed up a sprint to improve the Media module and local developers helped squash many bugs. In another room, Jess (xjm) and Tim Plunkett and Joe Shindelar worked to build an army of new Drupal developers by leading a "Get involved with Drupal Core" sprint. The sprint was well attended and it got a lot of people over the hump of getting started. Meawhile, Jen Lampton and Károly Négyesi (chx) worked on a new system to help make Drupal's theme layer more robust and easier for newcomers to understand. Finally, Earl Miles (merlinofchaos) was here to do "something secret"!

We pulled it off together

The best part of our Twin Cities Drupal community is the diversity and cohesion of our local community. For over 5 years, the local community has maintained a regular schedule of separate and complementary community events, all organized on our Drupal Groups page. That the camp went off effortlessly and without a hitch belies the ongoing effort of our camp organizers, who have been meeting bi-weekly - and then weekly - over the past 6 months (often at our beer meet up!). BIG thanks to the volunteers, sponsors, and especially to the organizing committee for making all of this happen.

If you feel like you missed out, you can catch up on the fun by checking out the TCDrupal tag on Flickr and by reviewing the session notes at

Supporting the Twin Cities technical community isn't just part of what we do, it's the main reason we're here.

A real good camp, organized by real good Minnesotans.