Lab hours

It's nice to have a helping hand once in awhile. Each week, we make space available for you to bring your laptop in and work on your project. If you need help, we're around for questions, and so are the other lab hours participants.

Access to 4 sessions per month is free for Alliance Program members and Catalyst Program members.

If you're not in the Twin Cities, online virtual Lab Hours sessions for Advantage Labs customers are held every other Wednesday via Google Hangouts. Free Community Lab Hours sessions, open to anyone, are conducted the 4th Wednesday of each month before the TCDrupal meeting.

If you need extra help throughout the week, you can sign up for our lab hours email discussion list, where you can ask questions or start new discussions.

Lab hours format

Generally, the two-hour session works out like this:

  1. Participants note in advance what they'll be working on at our shared online Lab Pad.
  2. During a quick round of introductions at the Lab session, each participant identifies a goal or a task he or she would like to accomplish during the session. Usually it's something like configuring a module, completing a theming task, or setting up a new feature on the site.
  3. Everyone works independently - or in small groups to complete what they've set out to do. Several members of the Advantage Labs staff make the rounds to help answer questions or explain concepts.
  4. 10 minutes before the end of the session, we break and go around the room again. Each attendee describes what they've done or learned.

Tips for getting the most of lab hours

  • Arrive on time: It's easier to pair up to tackle problems when you are part of the introduction round.
  • Come with a goal: Prepare a task you would like to accomplish or a question you'd like to have us answer. Make sure it's something you can attain during the course of the session so that you can feel free
  • Take care of your support requests: If you are having trouble accessing the server, need something set up, or think something may be wrong; make sure to file a support request with us well in advance of lab hours. That way, you can stay focused on your progress, not on your roadblocks.
  • Try to stay on task: Sometimes it gets downright silly at lab hours, and that's part of the fun as you build friendships and share ideas. But please remember we're all trying to get a lot done, and most of us have a lot to attend to after lab hours. It helps everyone if we can keep our summaries short and get out on time.