The Drupal Security Team released a new version of Drupal 7 to address a highly-critical security vulnerability We have coordinating an update of all of our Drupal 7 sites to get to the latest version.

In the past 3 years the Twin Cities Drupal community has organized one of the best annual Drupal camps in the country. But still we find learning gaps -- people new to Drupal looking for help answering questions they haven't yet formed; advanced developers seeking challenges; self-taught site-builders wanting to understand if they've put the pieces together correctly. Staring at another 7 months before our next DrupalCamp Twin Cities, this past Saturday we hosted the first ever Twin Cities Drupal Open House (TCD'OH!) in an effort to address the difficulty of being everything for everybody every time.

This month at Lab Hours we tackled acronyms and abbreviations for Drupal sites. A seemingly tall order turns out to have a rather straight-forward recipe combining a Drupal module, taxonomy and some obscure HTML tags no one seemed to know existed.

I am so proud of the Twin Cities Drupal community for pulling off another fantastic DrupalCamp.

DrupalCamp is coming soon! Join us for free training and an action-packed 2-day conference.

Today starts a new month and a fresh beginning for Drupal. After many discussions over many drinks at DrupalCon Denver, we’re proud to announce a strategic inflection point for the Drupal community.

Our mission at Advantage Labs is to make sure that people have the resources they need to get a lot done. So we're excited to announce we're ramping up our Drupal training program beginning this month.

In an effort contribute to Drupal while also making a living, we've spent the last 7 years refining a model for working with clients that is sustainable for both them and us. Our principal strategy is simple enough:

Drupal's Payment API module is a simple, flexible and pluggable payment transaction handler for Drupal.

The Twin Cities Minnesota Drupal community is excited to announce our very first DrupalCamp Twin Cities on May 20-21, 2011.